Just a few of our Rehab Raptors


Raptor Rehab of Central Arkansas
  El Paso, AR

Our Rehabilitation

At RRCA, we get calls from the Arkansas Game and Fish Commission and people who know to call us if a bird of prey is in distress. We work very hard to make all efforts to be able to release them back into the wild.

We receive calls about birds of prey and fledglings that have been found. Quite frequently, the well meaning callers have taken the bird in attempt at "saving it"  only to find that the bird was down on the ground doing what birds do, just learning to be a bird.

We want to urge everyone, if you find a bird of prey, or any bird for that matter, leave it alone. Call a local rehabber immediately. We have seen many birds suffer from the well intentioned person that was trying to help.

When we receive a bird, it gets a complete physical exam and excellent veterinary care when needed. We are proud to have Dr. Marilynn Baeyens and the staff at Baeyens Hauk Veterinary Group, in Sherwood Arkansas, to be able to help with providing the necessary veterinarian care.

Our rehab birds are closely monitored and fed a specialized natural diet while in our care. Their rehab time our facility may range from a day or two for those who just required minimal care to as much as a year or more, depending on their needs and extent of their injuries.

We receive no federal or state funding to care for and feed the raptors. Our facility operates solely on donations from the public and out of pocket expenses. 

All tax deductible donations are appreciated and 100% goes to care and food for the birds.