How You Can Help

If you find an injured or orphaned bird of prey, do not pick it up or take it home until you have contacted someone. Call Arkansas Game and Fish Commission, Raptor Rehab of Central Arkansas, or a local rehab facility immediately. Time is crucial to the raptors survival.

Donations to RRCA are gladly accepted and 100% of any money received is used to feed and care for the raptors.

Donations can be mailed directly to RRCA, 1556 Ridge Road, El Paso AR 72045

For you convenience, we accept PayPal and all other major credit/debit cards. Just click on the Donate button below to make your secured, tax deductible donation. 

For a $25.00 donation you can have one of our Raptor Rehab of Central Arkansas Logo T-shirts. Just email the color and logo that you would like and show your support!

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Raptor Rehab of Central Arkansas
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